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Raised & Embossed Prints Now Available!


fakediplomaonline.net is pleased to offer a fake diploma with raised seals and embossed text! Amaze yourself or a friend with our upgraded prints today!

There is a lot of misinformation out there about the quality of fake diploma seals being offered by some document providers. While sites may claim they can do raised seals, the limitations in their resources will greatly affect the overall quality of such seals. The quality of document seals used by Diploma Company is unmatched and backed by our money-back guarantee!

Our design staff and production facility has the necessary tools and resources to provide high-quality fake diploma seals in a variety of colors and finishes. This includes fully embossed seals in rich colors or raised seals in a multitude of finishes including metallic overlays. There is a reason why we proudly call ourselves a “diploma company” and back everything we sell with the strongest satisfaction guaranteed of any fake diploma shop! In fact, it’s been an uphill battle for many of our competitors as they try to catch up to our standards. This has resulted in phony claims about our capabilities on their site. We instead choose to let our results speak for themselves.

How Are Raised/ Embossed Fake Diplomas are Created?

Most phony diploma sites create their raised seals using a cost effective involving powders. There is pretty much something you could do yourself with an ink jet printer and a trip to the arts and crafts store. What happens is they sprinkle super fine embossing powder, a type of polymer available in a variety of colors, over a freshly printed seal. After the excess is brushed over, heat is applied to the seal and as the power melts it is hardened which gives the seal a raised-like texture. There are two big issues with this method. What happens is the powder has a tendency to melt in clumps resulting in a very brittle looking seal with raised lumps in areas of it. You could argue that it gets the job done but the results are far from stunning. So what makes the raised seal method that Diploma Company prefers so much better? Our facility has access to a professional grade printing machine that uses


an additive manufacturing process. I know that sounds complicated but simply put, the printer builds up precise layers of a fake diploma seal or text creating the most precise, the highest detailed, embossed seals and emblems and text that other providers can only dream about! There is extra time involved in this process because unique print files must be made by our staff based on your seal request. Those print files then need to be sent to the machine and allowed to run through its paces. Depending on the complexity of the fake diploma seal or overall text on the document, delays may vary between a few extra hours to two business days.

Raised & Embossed Prints Now Available!


  • HD Printed Seals: When it comes to the bare bones of seal making, you have your printed seals. We know it sounds boring but some final effects you can achieve are worthwhile. It’s important to know that the resolution of the printer, the quality of the inks, etc all play a huge factor. Diploma Company does utilize professional grade laser printers making high quality printed seals on a level you may not seen yet.
  • Foil Infused Seals: This method is done by running strips of heated foil over top of a printed seal. The effect is common on some diplomas but typically you may be left with a finished seal that looks flaky. What happens is the gold foil does not always cling perfectly to the object leaving behind imperfections. These imperfections are normal and common but may shock somebody unfamiliar with the process who sees these imperfections for the first time.
  • Metallic Foil Pressed. So with this you take a die-cast and basically press it onto a blank foiled seal. Our staff has toyed with this method in the past by messing around with our resources (see some photos below) but this a method we tend to shy away from due to the time involved and lackluster results. What we’d likely push you towards for the best of the best are “layered printed” seals which we go into below.
  • Stocked Seals: We offer a variety of high school and college seals featuring our own designs. The seals do look great on any custom diploma, but we prefer the raised option or foil over this method in most cases.

Raised & Embossed Prints Now Available!

Seal Gallery Disclaimer: Keep in mind that none of these photographs of seals below in this gallery were taken from actual diplomas and certificates that we’ve made for paying customers. We never show photos of work we’ve done for clients. This gallery was the result of our design team having some fun! They wanted to challenge themselves, maximizing their capabilities, and see what was possible in order to make this gallery for you. In the end, what we realized is that our high tech print tools and design experience, allow us to do some incredible things!

Any actual seals that we provide on documents for our customers must abide by any restrictions that we have place due to regulations, etc. That being said, what we would like you for you do when looking at this gallery is to compare the examples we’re showing you to actual seals on diplomas that you’ve seen. I bet you can’t tell the difference? Most people can not. Any well-made seal, novelty or not, should be done extremely well like these if the company claims it’s staff is as talented as ours. It’s one thing to simply brag but another to back it up in a gallery.

Although the skill set is certainly there with Diploma Company to produce the sort of quality you demand, we want to make it stress that it is not easy to do so. In order to achieve some results, takes added hours and devoted time by our staff to each order. If you are seriously interested in such services, you may request them when placing an order. A team designer will reach out to you at first availability to discuss your specific needs, a time frame to complete the job, and any added cost. You will have an option to opt out if it is not of interest to you. We certainly would not recommend requesting such services as these if you plan to frame your document or make a photocopy of it, as the quality is not appreciated and in our opinion not worth any added cost to you.

One last thing to consider when viewing these seal photos is the difficultly we had in capturing their depth. Some images below can be a bit blurry because it was hard finding the perfect light, best angles, etc to complete this gallery. Yet we tried to focus on specific areas to showcase details. We hope you are able to recognize just how astonishing these results are though.

Raised & Embossed Prints Now Available!

Often sites will steal images from this gallery and pass them off on their own. If you ever spot our seals on other sites, please report them to us. This has been a big problem as it hurts our reputation and it’s forced us to discuss the possibilities of not showcasing this gallery of fake diploma seals at all in the future. We hope it doesn’t come to that.

Although there are a number of sites that sell fake diplomas these days, there is a difference between investing in a company with printing capabilities you could replicate yourself and those who use professional methods to achieve the most mind-blowing fake diploma seal and emblem and logo results!