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Our staff works all over the country assisting customers remotely but our print shop is situated in the USA. From there all final documents are printed and carefully packaged up and sent off to clients during the workweek. We have been fulfilling custom document requests for over 10 years now. Our company launched with the idea of being different by simplifying the ordering process, extending support hours and working overtime to build trust in an industry that needed it badly. We were the first site of ours with live support and the first site to back all our work with a guarantee which to this day most suppliers shy from.

No In-House Diploma Templates! Only Replications!

Some competitors in an effort to cut corners and slash prices, offer limited generic document templates featuring a few regional formats. In this case, buyers are asked to choose between template ‘A’ or ‘B’. Although it is true that every site uses original templates, inspired by actual diplomas, Diploma Company only uses specific templates we’ve hand selected for every type of diploma request. Every document we produce is created using highly detailed replicated templates of actual high school and college documents. These templates ensure our documents feature true and precise formats ensuring the most life-like phony diplomas of any supplier. This also simplifies the ordering process with less questions and confusion. In the end, only the best documents leave our print shop.

When purchasing services, we only collect the most basic of information. We don’t ask clients to choose a paper color or size, specific seals, etc. We believe a knowledgeable fake diploma expert like us knows what is needed to achieve the most authentic-like diplomas possible! If you ask for diploma-X, we will use the proper paper color, format size and seal placement, best suited for diploma-X! By eliminating unnecessary options during the ordering process, we make accessing the most realistic diplomas simple to achieve!

WOW!! Raised Prints & Embossed Text Now Available! The

Most Real-Looking Document Fakes!

Have you heard the AMAZING news? Afters years of requests from clients, we now offer diplomas and certificates with raised artwork and embossed text! Enjoy seals and logos that come off the page or text you can run your fingers over! The process is highly time-consuming and requires additional fees but it has become a HUGE HIT with buyers in 2021!

Risk-Free Satisfaction Guarantee!

We know a lot of times things sound too good to be true. At Diploma Company, you can ease your worries with the strongest satisfaction guarantee. This guarantee applies for any one of our custom document services including a fake GED from the USA, a realistic college diploma from Norway or a birth certificate fake.

Simply put, if there is anything wrong, we will gladly make it right. Just call us, explain the issue you are having and give us a chance to fix it. If we are unable to fix it, there is a money-back guarantee. No other phony diploma site offering custom services proves such a straightforward and honest guarantee policy this September!

Can’t Find What you Want? We take Custom Requests!

Our list of services on this site only touches the surface on what’s possible. In fact, if you have a photo or a scan of a particular document you want recreated or replicated, we may be able to help! Our staff is large and talented enough to replicate documents from scans if you have images or samples of exactly what you want done.


Fast & Reliable Shipping

We know how important it is that your documents arrive quickly in your hands. That’s why we offer fast shipping methods, ensuring all documents arrive on time. We also scan for current ship rates giving shoppers the the lowest delivery fees of any print shop like ours.

Friendly Support! Extended Hours! More Ways to Talk!

Say “no thanks” to sites with no phone support or a live chat that is barely on. Nobody cares more about our clients than the hard-working support team at Diploma Company! Knowing we’re always here for you is just one of the many reasons why you should choose Diploma Company this September!

Our website never closes. Support is here M-F 10AM-6PM CST. Often you will find staff available late weekday nights and even some weekends! We believe in building trust with our clients and it’s been at our core focus for over 10+ years now.

Please give us a call at 866-687-5403, chat live or email us today. We look forward to helping you with any custom document services you need.

Features Samples

From Metallic seals, raised and embossed seals, to metallic borders, holograms and metallic text.. We’ve got the quality features to make your novelty replacement document the best it can be!